A winery in the heart of
the Entre-Deux-Mers

Château de Crain is situated in the huge wine area of Entre-Deux-Mers, between Bordeaux and Saint Emilion. Acces to the château is by a long driveway, bordered by hazelnut trees, in the commune of Baron and Nérigean.

The façade of the Château de Crain comes into view at the end of the driveway. This part of the building was constructed in the nineteenth century, in medieval style.

The rear of the Château was built in the fourteenth century – it is the only building of the period that is still in existence today.

Château de Crain

In the grounds is a sixteenth century

pigeon-house used in the Middle Ages for housing homing-pigeons. Its impressive size is witness to the great nobility of the owners of the age.

Chais du Château de Crain

Cellars settled in a 18th
century construction

Opposite the driveway leading to the Château de Crain is a large round-windowed building with its barns. It is in the commune of Nérigean and is called Noulet. The Crain winery is installed in this old building built in the eighteenth century.

Visitors are welcomed by the Fougère family and can admire the impressive architecture of the winery, in particular the stone structure of the roof.

The winery combines modernity with antiquity because the Fougère family has always maintained a healthy respect for the working practices of former times. Hence the old oak fermenting vat and the more recent one in stainless steel. A visit to the Crain winery represents a real voyage in time because all of the tools used tens of years ago have been perfectly conserved.

Over the top of the central alleyway and its stone columns is a hoist for the harvested grapes. The end wing of the winery was renovated in 2016 and houses a tasting room in which the owners present their wines after the visit.

Château de Crain, au coeur de la nature

At the heart of nature,
crossed by the "Crin"

The domain extends over more than 100 hectares. In addition to the 45 hectares of vines, there are 20 cultured hectares, 20 of forest and 15 of grassland, fallow land, park and garden. All have rivulets running through them, in particular the ‘Crin’ from which the name of the Château derives.

This little stream terminates in a lake at the foot of the Château, where wildlife abounds. There are not only deer, wild boar and hare, but also all sorts of birds such as duck, heron, pheasant and wading birds.

The installation of a private shoot in the grounds has led to the conservation of this diverse wildlife. There are about forty beehives that ensure the pollinating of the plants as well as the preservation of the bees.

Au coeur de la nature

Certification ISO 14001

The Fougère family is particularly keen to preserve this magic place and engages in environmental practice for the management of the plants. Thus the wine-producing establishment obtained the certificate ISO 14 001 in 2019 and wishes to attain the classification High Environmental Value Level 3.

Marie-Cécile and Pierre-Antoine, in charge of the vineyard, engage in ‘integrated agriculture’, that guards against plant-disease, and a strategy aimed at defending plant-life.